About Us

What drives us? And why choose us?

Our aim is to assist small businesses in defining, tracking, and fulfilling their financial objectives. Having worked with clients in a number of professional fields, we’ve managed to earn the reputation as a hardworking, capable team, committed to helping the financial end of your business run without the headache to you. Ultimately, our aim is to add value to your business!!

How do we add value?
Many small businesses are kept from hitting the next level in their business, because the visionaries, leaders, and movers within are bogged down by having to do the little things like bookkeeping.  Save yourself the time of doing it yourself and let our professional group manage it for you!

We set your business up with industry standard bookkeeping practices, helping you to know where your company is at financially at all times.  Further, we help to interpret the numbers so that you can have an even deeper understanding of the things you should do more of, the things you should do less of, and the things you could do differently.  We work WITH and FOR you to help your business get to the next level!  The many aspects of our bookkeeping services are all about helping you THRIVE!
Why you can trust us?
We are committed to not only getting the job done at an affordable cost to you, but also to getting it done right. And by getting it done right, we mean with complete and total integrity. We believe that by operating according to biblical principles of honesty and truth, we not only put you in the best position to succeed, but also ourselves. As you see our commitment to holding to our values and to seeing things through to a job well done, we are sure that entrusting us with such an important part of your business and it's sustainability will be something you are glad to do!

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A member of BNI Massachusetts, we are a trusted company with a strong reputation. Check out some of the different referrals and testimonials at Alignable, as well as our current certifications with NACPB. We are committed to our own ongoing education, so check back here in the future to see the testimonials and certifications we will continue to accumulate.