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We'll Help Get Your Employees Paid

The following are included in all of our payroll plans...

Affordable Per-Pay Period Cost to You

For a small per-pay-period fee, we will take care of all of your company's payroll needs. Our rate is lower than our competitors and there's no strings attached. And we don't believe in punishing our clients for their success, so our rate does not go up as you get bigger! 

Vacation, Sick Day, and Benefit Tracking

We can monitor vacation and sick day use for you, and return the information to your employees as they accrue and use their time. Never worry again about when the last time that employee took time off was or how many days they've used this year!

Access to Documents & Personnel

You'll have access to all of your vital payroll records, right at your fingertips, within your QuickBooks Online account. If you ever have any questions or concerns, your Account Manager will be at your service.

Seamless Employee Onboarding

From now on, adding a new employee does not need to add a bunch of things to your to do list. Just let us know of the hire and provide a means of contact, and we will gather all the information necessary to set them up for payment.

Direct Deposit Payments

Never worry about having to make sure your employees receive their paper checks for deposit. We can communicate directly with your employee to set up direct deposit payments. You don't even need to be the middleman!

Payroll Tax Payments & W-2s Done for You

Making accurate and timely payroll tax payments is one of the most important things a business can do to avoid unwanted attention from the IRS. We take care of this important, yet confusing task, as well as prepare and send W-2s for you as part of our payroll services.